The First Time You Study

Don’t rush when you begin to study. Sometimes people join Smart Flash Cards Online after a student gets a bad report card. If a student did get a bad report card, they are probably upset, disappointed and concerned about discipline.

I think Smart Flash Cards Online is the easiest way to memorize the multiplication table. Having said that, it is still work. The first deck is the hardest. Below are some things you should consider before a student attempts their first deck of Smart Cards. Sometimes the fastest way to succeed is to wait a day before you start.

Make sure the student is:

  1. Not Hungry.
  2. Not Tired.
  3. Not ill.
  4. No TV in the background.
  5. No Radio in the background.
  6. Not worried about discipline. If they just brought home a bad report card, you may need to give them some support.
  7. The study area should be quiet peaceful, with good lighting.

It’s very important that the student can focus when they study. Try to eliminate distractions.

If you are a parent or teacher and want to add something, please post a comment to this blog.

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