Math Flashcards – Master Multiplication!

Math Flashcards

My wife and I raised my nephew, because both his parents passed away. We got an email from his math teacher saying he was failing math during his 4th grade year. They wanted to retain him. I tried paper flash cards, but he resisted. He would pretend he didn’t know the answer when I knew he did. I suspect he hoped I would become frustrated and give up.

I searched for computer based Grade School Flash Cards. All I could find were tests or games. Games were more about entertaining the student. Test programs asked each question one time and gave a percent correct. I didn’t want games because I wanted him to succeed. I already had a report card, so I didn’t need a test. I wanted a practice program.

So, I wrote free Math Flashcards. It creates a virtual deck of Grade School Flash Cards and randomly displays a math flashcard. If the student provides the correct answer in less than eight seconds, it removes that card from the deck. Students continue answering problems until they input all 144 answers in less than eight seconds each.

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Instead of grounding him, I told him he could not have any entertainment  when he came home from school until he completed one virtual deck of free Math Flashcards every day for a week.  His total study time was 2.5 hours.

I will never forget how my nephew burst into my office after school.  He went from 50% to 100% in one week and he was the first student in his class to complete the test.

The first school to use my Math Flashcards has renewed for their seventh year and my nephew is a Senior now.  He can still complete 144 problems in ten minutes.  Students normally retain mastery throughout High School and College if they use my math flashcards.

I believe you can have the same success.

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