Multiplication Flashcards

Our primary product is the Smart Flash Cards which helps students quickly master the fundamentals of multiplication with the use of easy to understand rules. It helps students master the multiplication table in as little as four hours, and helps educators provide clear and effective instruction for their students. We know that our online Multiplication Flashcards work because we deliver actual results! If a student gives it four hours of hard work they are certain to master the multiplication table and enjoy working on multiplication problems at school.

One of the biggest reasons why students find Math so hard is because simplified rules are not laid out before them to help them fully grasp multiplication much faster and much easier than conventional methods. When presented in a simplified manner, multiplication becomes an easy and even enjoyable task for students. Our smart flash cards allows students to gain a better understanding of the multiplication table using 7 simple rules they can master in a few hours. Give your child the edge they need by helping him or her master the multiplication table quickly!

Memorizing the multiplication table has never been easier! Just follow the simple steps below.

1. Prepare. Click the “Help” button below. It has everything you need to get started. Please don’t skip this step. The help pages are easy. However, if a student does not know even a few of these tips it will be a lot harder.

2. Pick a program below (Good, Better or Best) and complete one virtual deck of cards every day for a week.

Study with free math flash cards.

Smart Flashcards Supports:

  • Addition Flashcards
  • Subtraction Flashcards
  • Multiplication Flashcards
  • Division Flashcards

Creates virtual deck of multiplication cards from 1 X 1 through 12 X 12.

The student types their answer and presses “Enter” key. The computer measures time it took to provide the correct answer.

If the student answers in less than eight seconds the problem is removed from the virtual deck. If not the student will repeat that problem.

The process continues until the student completes all problems.

The student only repeats the problems they don’t know and they repeat the ones they don’t know until they do know the answer.

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